According to the National Association of Realtors, 48% of home buyers report the yard sign was used as an information source for finding their new home. There are home buyers driving around in neighborhoods right now looking at houses for sale.  Create a relationship with these buyers by providing immediate property information sent to their cell phone WITHOUT making them download your app!

  • 98% of SMS/Text messages are opened and read
  •  70% of cell phone users feel that using an SMS/Text message is a good way for an organization to get their attention
  • 64% of consumers think that businesses should converse with customers more often using SMS/Text messages

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The fastest way for mobile buyers to obtain information on your listings or any listings in your market. Simply text the house number or address and receive back all the details including photos of the property and your contact information. Additionally, you are immediately notified of the user including their phone number and the property viewed so you can follow-up with them.
And, you can tell your sellers how many people viewed their home, you can’t do that with a flyer box.

QR Codes

Contrary to popular belief QR Codes do work if they’re large enough to see and scan from the street. Think about it… if you make a prospective buyer get out of her car to walk up to your yard sign to scan the QR Code, you’re not going to get anyone to use it.  Make the QR Code sign BIG and it’s proven people will use it! We make it easy for you to print a LARGE QR Code Sign that buyers can see and scan right from their car. And with all the photos and details of your listing right on their phone, you give them an easy way to contact you with one click.

Two options for your QR Code signs: The Standard QR Code Sign will send prospective buyers directly to the property detail, quick and simple. OR the SMS QR Code Sign scan & send where the prospective buyer scans your sign which loads the correct code in their SMS that they send to receive the property details. It’s an extra small step but it gives you the prospect’s caller ID for follow-up.

One family house for sale

Leads to your phone

Now your phone number can also be a quick property search for everyone that calls it. Never lose another buyer to a yard sign. One phone number you can give your clients and prospects giving them the ability to contact you or do a property search of every property for sale in your MLS.

Now that’s putting you at the fingertips of every buyer in your market!